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Children improving their education

Our work as an education charity allows us to provide support to those who need it the most. With orphan support programs in place, we’re reaching communities that we never have before. At GHRF we want to do more, and your donations help us to transform the lives of those in Pakistan and other developing countries. Call today for information on the work that we do.

Girls Orphan School Project | Computer Lab Project

Based in Chakwal, the school provides free education and accommodation to girls aged between 5 and 15 years old. The education is provided in accordance with national standards and national curriculum. We have fully funded an IT lab, and this benefits the children on a long term basis. GHRF funded the school with 12 of the latest computers, a printer, and computer desks.

Some recipients of one of our education charity's

Vocational Training Centre | Ravat Pakistan

We are supporting the establishment of a Vocational Training Centre at a school for the deaf, the hard of hearing, and those with speech impairment. The project targets those nearing school leaving age, and the purpose of the project is to provide them with skills to improve their self-reliance when they leave the school.

The training program provides skills in: 

 Home Electrical Appliances 

 Mechanic Engineering 



To get this project off the ground we need £6000, and this amount is to help us to build the centre and get tools and materials in place.

Why This Work is Important

Evidence shows that providing children with quality education could boost annual economic growth of a country by up to 2%. 12% of people could be lifted out of poverty if basic reading skills were learned. Over the past four years, the global increase in women’s education has prevented more than four million child deaths. This research goes on to show that one additional school year could increase a woman’s earnings by up to 20%. Every $1 invested into education has the potential to raise $10 in economic growth.

However, 61 million children are out of school, with 42% of those living in conflict-affected countries. At least 250 million children cannot read, write, or count, and this includes those that have spent years in school. In at least 63 countries, young women from poor households are significantly less educated than poor young men.

775 million adults are illiterate, of which 500 million are women. 171 million children are stunted by malnutrition, and we believe that this is something that can, and should, be avoided. Only 2% of humanitarian aid goes to education, and this is an area that needs to be improved.


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