Emergency Relief for the Poorest Areas

GHRF has an ongoing program of well building in Pakistan and East Africa, all with the aim of providing safe drinking water. Our well building projects are built to benefit the whole community, and so far we’ve built wells in Gujranwala, Kasur District, Lahore, and in the Kenyan cities of Kisumu and Mombasa. If you want to help with these emergency relief projects, the cost for Indus hand pump wells is £200 and providing a water filtration set is £500. Call today for further information.

A well set up in an African village

What Happens without These Wells?

Water Shortages

Severe water shortages affect more than half the world’s future population. If governments fail to collaborate on international efforts to protect and conserve life’s most vital ingredient, experts have warned that this will worsen. One of the first indications of a future water crisis will be mass migrations of people away from areas without water, according to the Independent newspaper.

Humans are able to survive for a month or so without eating food, but only a week without drinking water. The average human body is 75% water, with blood 92% water, bones 22% water, and muscles 75 percent water. It’s no surprise our immune system depends on our water intake, and this is why the wells are so important.

Poor Sanitation

Poor sanitation and contaminated water are linked to the transmission of diseases, including cholera, diarrhoea, dysentery, hepatitis A, and typhoid. In addition, inadequate or absent water and sanitation services in healthcare facilities put already vulnerable patients at additional risk of infection and disease.


Call us now to enquire further about our emergency relief projects and well building operations.